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      1. Enterprise introduction

        Zhejiang Jeffrey Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise which integrates the design, production, sales, installation of window openers and intelligent door and window systems.

        professional production: fire control linkage smoke exhaust window, electric screw type, electric chain type, pneumatic push rod type, hand window opener and intelligent high-end doors and windows and other products. Design and develop high-performance, cost-effective patented products to meet the diverse needs of customers. Successfully applied to airports, offices, schools, factories, hospitals, high-speed railway stations and other large-scale construction projects. Established Jeffrey's creative pattern and international manufacturing standard.

        The demand of the market is the driving force for our progress. We focus on continuous innovation of product technology and persist in providing better products for our customers. The company has set up R&D center, and has a leading R&D team in the industry. It continuously invests a lot of R&D funds every year. After years of efforts, it has accumulated rich practical experience in system matching, product development, manufacturing process and so on. In recent years, we have obtained dozens of patents for invention and utility model, which witnessed every step of Jeffrey's innovation road, and always let us walk in the forefront of the industry and strive to become a national high-tech leading enterprise. Along the way, we are leading China's intelligent windows control system to open a new journey to the world.

        In the production sector, we actively implement excellence, the use of international leading technology to create quality products for customers. Under the guidance of the quality policy of "insisting on scientific management, providing high-quality products, ensuring customer satisfaction and founding the Jeffery brand", our products have passed many professional system certifications, passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification, the ICE 8000 integrity management system certification, and passed the approaching approval country. 3C certification for fire control system. CCTV-1 is now a cooperative brand of CCTV-1. Every year, it invests a lot of money and cooperates with Ping An Insurance Company of China to insure 5 million quality insurance for each project. With strict product quality and excellent after-sales protection to meet customer needs, won the "China Quality, Service, Honesty 5A Enterprise" and "China 3.15 Consumer Trusted Products".

        faces the future, Jeffrey is committed to becoming a world-class intelligent technology company. We are based on a high starting point, high standards; willing to share a win-win situation with customers, and jointly develop into a century-old democratic brand, in the name of innovation, to create world quality!

        Corporate culture

        Open up and take on mission

        Jeffrey, Nash one is developing its responsibility, and every project is a new start for the company.

        Yesterday, achievement to be recognized, the value is reflected, the potential to be developed. Jeffrey, always insist to do every thing.

        The future, the company will continue to uphold the principle of honest, stable, professional enterprise and faith, with development of the concept of advanced management system, abundant customer service experience and service innovation, "customer satisfaction" for the mission, to continue with the practical action, create intelligent window service industry benchmark, persistence in the market and the construction industry on the road.

        Jeffrey, an industry innovator, and a long way to go!


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